How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce

My first marriage ended years ago in divorce. It was a difficult time for me and I knew that if were to marry again, that I’d work harder to keep that relationship strong. I had every good intention, but unfortunately things between my second husband and I started to unravel.

I was still very much in love with him but I knew, from my first experience with divorce, that unless I did something drastic, this marriage would end as well. I couldn’t bear the thought of that. As much conflict as there was in my marriage, I still very much wanted a future with my husband, not only for our two sons, but for myself as well.

If you want to save your marriage, you have to be willing to do the work. I learned this fairly quickly. Many people told me that it was simply a matter of my husband and I communicating more effectively. They were wrong.

I felt as though I was at the end of my rope and if I didn’t do something soon my marriage would be over. So I took a new approach and now we’re happier than ever.

If you truly love your spouse and want to rebuild your marriage so it is stronger than ever, there is guaranteed help. It saved my marriage.

Signs That Your Marriage May Be Headed For Divorce

Watch for These in Your Relationship

Marriage is serious business to me. When my first marriage dissolved I was devastated and it was difficult to imagine going through that pain and disappointment again. When I met my second husband, we made a vow to try our best to make our marriage work. Failing again just wasn’t an option for me.

Things did change though. We started drifting apart and I began to notice small changes in the dynamic of our relationship. I realized these are all warning signs that the marriage is beginning to come apart at the seams.

If you notice these warning signs that your marriage is in trouble, it’s time to take action:

You don’t discuss your problems with one another. When couples are facing difficulties, they may look to other family members or friends instead of one another.

Teasing becomes mean-spirited. Couples often tease one another as a sign of affection. If that teasing takes on a negative tone, it can be a sign that feelings have changed.

You don’t enjoy each others’ company. If a couple looks for reasons to spend time apart, something clearly isn’t right within the relationship.

Intimacy has become rare or non-existent. Intimacy is important in a marriage, and if the level of intimacy has changed, that can mean feelings have shifted as well.

You can avoid a divorce and instead shift your marriage into a fulfilling, balanced and happy relationship. Find out how now.

Common Problems Couples Face

Conflicts That Can Lead to Divorce

Every couple who is facing a divorce crisis has found themselves in that position for a number of reasons. Marriage isn’t supposed to be all about smooth sailing. You are bound to hit some rough patches now and again. There are some common problems that seem to plague many relationships. Recognizing and acknowledging the problem is important when it comes to taking responsibility for your role in the conflict.

The biggest problem in my relationship with my husband was that I felt taken for granted. We had two small boys, I worked part-time and I felt as though everything related to running the household and caring for the children, fell on my shoulders. I’d mention it to my husband, but we never really addressed it. Instead I became more and more resentful over time.

Some other common problems that couples face include:

One partner has an affair. When infidelity occurs in a marriage, it can lead to many feelings including anger, rejection and sadness. This can seem like an insurmountable hurdle to overcome, but it can be done.

Different views on parenting. This is something that many couples struggle with at some point in their relationship. One partner thinks the other is too strict, while the other complains their partner is too lenient. Kids become the victims in this scenario as they are constantly receiving mixed parenting messages.

Communication shuts down. When couples argue about small things, it tends to lead to a breakdown in communication. When couples stop talking, problems only escalate.

Problems with in-laws. Not everyone gets along all the time. If there is friction between your spouse and your family members, it can lead to problems in your marriage. You may even feel as though you are pushed into a position of having to choose.

All of these common problems are serious issues. If you are facing one or more in your marriage, you may feel that there is no hope.

There is. You can overcome any problem your spouse and you have and get back to living happily ever after. Your marriage can be saved and it can be stronger than ever.

How I Saved My Own Marriage

Get Back the Love and Devotion

When I realized that my second marriage was going to end up in divorce, I knew that I need to do something to change that. I researched night after night online to get my hands on anything that would provide me with the help I needed – a way to save my marriage.

That’s when I discovered Lee Baucom. A seasoned family and marriage counselor he had even done consulting work with save the marriage reviewDateline NBC. I loved his approach to relationships.

I bought his book and read through it, word by word. It wasn’t like the many other books I’d bought that told me that I needed to sit down with my husband to discuss every small issue that was plaguing our marriage.

This book actually told me how I could repair my marriage by myself. It taught me what to do to remedy the situation and to get us both back on track fast.

It works whether you’ve spent months in couples’ therapy with little to no results or if you simply want to fix a few small issues you feel are jeopardizing your future. It’s ideal for both men and women to read.

There are bonuses as well – these you shouldn’t ignore.

There’s also a report that comes with the book –Top Five Things Not to Do When Your Partner Wants Out. This is a must read. Most of us have no idea that doing the wrong thing when our partner is ready to walk out the door, can impact our future with them.

ASODAnger and resentment seem to build when you are dealing with a marriage crisis. I found a lot of comfort in reading the report – Dealing with Anger and Resentment.’ This is also free with the Save The Marriage ebook. Read it, you’ll appreciate its wisdom.

I wasn’t ready to let my husband walk out of my life forever. I knew that if we found the right help, we can not only save out marriage, but make it stronger and more fulfilling. We did. If you aren’t ready for a divorce, read the book. It will help you stay married to the person you love.

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